Audio Series: The Need to Know on Digital Audio

Welcome to The Need to Know on Digital Audio. Audio advertising isn’t just for national brands with deep pockets—it is a powerful and effective medium for businesses of all sizes.

Our mission

Help local businesses get noticed. In this series, you’ll hear from experts who have the inside scoop on best practices and the tips and tricks that will help you take your marketing to the next level, all in 90ish seconds or less.

Segment 10: Three Recommendations to Map to An Ideal Frequency

How often should your ad run to break through and avoid wearout? Megan McCoy, Sr. Manager, Ad Innovation Strategy provides three considerations to sharpen your frequency strategy.

Segment 9: Dialing down AM/FM Listening:
Understanding the Shift to Digital Audio

What’s happening to AM/FM listening? Hear from Ron Rodrigues, Sr. Manager, Sales Marketing and Larry Rosin from Edison Research who dive into consumers’ listening behavior and reveal AM/FM’s last dominant listening location.

Segment 8: #1 Targeting Tip for Local Businesses

Targeting precise audiences is one of digital audio’s strengths. Listen in to Claire Fanning, Ad Innovation Strategy VP, to get her top tip to perfecting your local business targeting strategy.

Segment 7: Four Simple Ways to Effective Audio Ad Creative

What makes an effective audio ad creative? Roger Gehrmann, Group Creative Director, Studio Resonate provides four tips to ensure your audio creative leaves a lasting impression.

Segment 6: Connecting With Your Multicultural Customer: Get Ready with These Four Questions

Multicultural consumers have serious spending power that many companies ignore. Nidia Serrano, Director, Audience Marketing, breaks down strategies to ensure your business is prepared to reach diverse audiences.

Segment 5: Getting Started with Measurement: 4 Tips for Success

Thinking about where to begin with audio measurement? Nicole Raven, Director, B2B Marketing provides four tips to consider before your campaign starts to ensure you’re set up for success.

Segment 4: Tis The Season: Why Audio is a Must Buy For Holiday Plans

It's the most wonderful time of year for audio! Lauren D. Williams, Director, Vertical Marketing, shares insights and explains why an audio strategy is crucial during the holidays.

Segment 3: Efficiency is Everything: Digital Audio vs. Radio

Are you wasting your money? In this segment, Alan Hirschbein, SMB Sales Director, explores the difference between buying digital audio vs. broadcast radio and how it’s affecting your bottom line.

Segment 2: Explained: Total Audience vs. Addressable Audience

Not sure what to look for when choosing an audio partner? Listen in as Nicole Raven, Director, B2B Marketing breaks down two of the most important terms to know.

Segment 1: Why is Digital Audio A Must Buy?

Audio is having a major moment. In this segment, Leon Van Gelder, VP SMB, Local and Inside Sales, sets the stage as to why you need to be considering digital audio.