The ONLY 3 Stats You Need to Make a Case for Digital Audio

Dry mouth. Rosy cheeks. That nervous weight on your chest.

We’ve all had these feelings crop up in business while prepping for a big meeting or before pitching a new idea to an executive. These moments can be scary, but also exciting. We've found that the best way to make a case is with data. No one can argue science, right?

In the world of advertising, stats are especially effective for getting consensus on a media plan. With the vast landscape of different platforms, apps and ad products, it can be challenging to decide what to evaluate and invest in. Not to mention the fact that consumer behavior seems to be continuously shifting.

Audio, in particular, can sometimes feel like one of the most hard-to-pin-down media formats. It’s over 100 years old, yet completely new at the same time. There’s one-to-many broadcast radio or one-to-one digital audio. Which do you choose?

As the long-time leader in delivering audio content and advertising, we’ve compiled the ONLY three stats you’ll ever need to advocate for digital audio in your next campaign. Get out your printers. Write these down. And keep them handy for the next time you need to make a pitch for audio:

#1. People listen to 4 hours of audio per day.

#2. In 2016, streaming became a weekly habit for 50% of Americans--nearly triple growth since 2010.

#3. Young Millennials (18-24) are the first demographic to spend as much time listening via digital sources as AM/FM radio.

Ok, you can drop the mic now.

But in case you need a little more information to back up your claims, we'd like to offer our Definitive Guide to Audio, a comprehensive report on everything you need to know about broadcast, streaming and podcasts--plus all the current advertising opportunities in the space. Download the guide here: DOWNLOAD