The Power of the Logged-in User


Reaching your audience with pinpoint accuracy

Pandora was founded on the belief that data could be used to improve music discovery with the Music Genome project. In much the same way, we are now using data to modernize marketing, making it easy for marketers to engage with their audience at scale across devices. We are continuing to innovate, leveraging data in a smart way so our advertisers can better find and engage audiences on Pandora.

Pandora sits on top of a massive data set (10s of billions of data points) and it’s all born from the logged in user. With mobile reaching ubiquity, the cookie is quickly crumbling, making it harder than ever to reach a mobile audience effectively and efficiently. That’s where the power of the logged-in user comes in. With more than 200 million registered users, and more than 76M that login with us on a monthly basis, we are not only able to create highly personalized experiences for every user, we can also hone in on your precise audience across platforms, wherever they may be.

Our vast wealth of data – proprietary and 3rd party sourced – presents a tremendous advantage in your effort to reach the right customer according to your marketing objectives. With registration data alone, we know our listeners’ age, gender, zip code and email address. We also intimately understand our listener’s music preferences and engagement. (After all, when meeting someone new at a party, asking, “What kind of music are you into?,” tells you a lot about that person, doesn’t it?) We also know what kind of device they’re listening on — web, iPhone, Android, in-car, tablet, or consumer electronics device. Combine that with third-party partner data, such as lifestyle, life stage and shopping behaviors, and you get precision targeting that makes Robin Hood look like a bad shot.

“The advantage of using our own in-house data is that we have it down to the individual level, to the specific person who is using Pandora,” says Bieschke. “We take all of these signals and look at correlations that lead us to come up with magical insights about somebody.”

Pandora will have a lot to share about our ever-evolving precision targeting capabilities in 2014. And you’ll hear about them here first, on the Pandora Advertising Blog. Stay tuned.

And to find out more about how our match-makers can make match you with the right audience, at the right time, wherever they are, contact your Pandora rep today, or visit us at Pandora Advertising.