The Sounds of the 2016 Presidential Election Told By Pandora Listeners

Are the lyrics of Europe’s The Final Countdown playing in your mind as we head into the homestretch of the Presidential Election? There’s no doubt things are heating up with only 19 days to go—the countdown clock is ticking.

How are Pandora listeners feeling about this year’s election, and what are the issues they care most about? We took the pulse of our voting age listeners and asked what their outlook and preferences are for candidates in this election. Since music plays an integral part in bringing together cultures, families, friends and political rallies, we also asked listeners to name a song they felt best represented the 2016 Election season.

Take a look at how our listeners top theme songs are perfectly in tune with their political outlooks.

We collect over 1 billion listener data points daily, and analyze that information to play songs we know our listeners will love. We use the same data to help campaigns engage the voters that matter most. Whether it’s reaching a specific demo, district, political leaning or nationality, Pandora is helping campaigns amplify their marketing messages throughout the season. This is an election everyone cares about, and with just weeks away, campaigns need to go where the voters are. See how you can reach voters at scale and help with you GOTV plans with Pandora Political Advertising solutions.

Check out SlideShare below to see even more results from our 2016 Political Soundboard research study, including what genres of music resonate with key voting demographics.

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Source: Pandora Soundboard Political Study, September 2017 1. Do you intend to vote in the November 2016 Presidential election? 2. Will you vote by mail or in person? 3. Who do you intend to vote for? 4. What factors will most likely bring you to the polls? 5. Please rank the issues in terms of how important they are to you. 6. Enter a song that best describes the 2016 Presidential Election