Unleash the Power of Music to Win Today’s Teens

Liz Lacey, VP, Sales Marketing

Teens: Today’s Chief Household Influencers

While marketers have been preoccupied with satisfying the needs of millennials, another demographic group with enormous spending power and influence is nipping at their heels: teenagers.

For perspective, there are about 25 million teens in the United States. This group is also part of the larger Generation Z demographic—those born between 1996 and 2015.1

Who’s the boss in the household when it comes to purchasing? Well, the truth is probably not who you think it is. It’s teens. Known as the household's chief influencers, teens’ status as digital natives gives them significant authority in household spending decisions across categories including food and beverages, household goods, electronics, and even the next family vacation.

We also know teens are an elusive demo that is hard to reach. They quickly shift brand loyalties and adopt new technologies, which often change their consumption habits. But the one constant is the passionate relationship teens have with music—it’s the soundtrack to their regularly changing lives.

That’s where we come in.

A way to a teen's heart is through their ears

Music is the #1 passion point among teens with 95% of them spending over 34.5 hours per week listening to their favorite music. Nearly two-thirds of teens say listening to music is the top activity (62%) above other activities competing for their time and attention, including Video Gaming (39%), Watching Movies (35%), and even tuning into TV (25%).2

Music is a form of both self-discovery and self-expression. Teenagers of every generation have found the appeal in the emotional impact that music has on them. In a recent Pandora Teen User Study3, we asked teens to share with us the effect of music has on them:

4056 TeenBlog percentages

Streaming is the #1 source for new music discovery

And while youth audiences listen to music through a variety of platforms, teens are investing the most time on streaming services to listen and discover new music. In fact, two-thirds of teens say streaming services make it super easy to find new artists and music, making it their #1 source for new music discovery.2

A winning combination to reach teens:
Pandora + SoundCloud

Pandora + SoundCloud together is the top music streaming destination among teens, helping them to discover the latest and greatest in today’s new artists and music.

4056 TeenBlog piechart

Combining this with our 90% addressable audience, Pandora + SoundCloud is the best way to reach influential teens at scale. #YourAudienceIsListening and if you play it right, you can inspire lifelong customer loyalty—which is why it’s crucial to reach them now.

Learn more about our Audience Solutions and how #YourAudienceIsListening here.

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