What Kind of Mom Are You? The 6 Ways Marketers Can Reach Moms, Part 2

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

In the first installment of our “What Kind of Mom Are You?” blog series, we explored what makes "The Millennial Mom" and "The New Mom" tick--what motivates them, what influences them as moms and how brands can best reach them. Now it’s time to explore two mom segments that are close to our hearts: "The Musician Mom" and "The Multicultural Mom." Hear from real moms who fit these categories to get an inside look at who these people are.

The Musician Mom

Being that music is our reason for being, we’d be remiss to not mention the musician mom--a mom that we have a lot of at Pandora. To get a better sense of how to balance being a mom and a musician, we sat down with one of our music analysts, Chloe Scott.
What makes you a musician mom? CS: I grew up in San Francisco and my ears were filled with the beautiful sounds of Latin music. Now I have a Latin Jazz quartet and a bigger Salsa group with my fiance, who is a drummer/percussionist. My main instrument is the flute.

What role does music play in your family? CS: Music plays a huge role in our family in that it’s truly one of the ways we communicate with one another.

In what ways do you share music with your daughter? CS: She just started learning piano and is so excited to figure out how to play something she hears. Whether it’s a pop song, a song from a movie or something she’s writing, we’re there to help her figure it out.

How do you feel being a musician has shaped you as a mother? CS: Since performing is such a big part of our family, it informs a lot of our scheduling decisions. In addition to our own gigs, my daughter has vocal and piano classes and performances. I have to plan well, but be flexible.

What resources do you reference regularly to stay in-the-know? CS: Wax Poetics, Rolling Stone, The Source and BBC Music.

What types of brands do you pay most attention to? CS: Diversity and inclusiveness are messages I pay attention to most.

The Multicultural Mom

The U.S. is a multicultural country, and in fact, it’s expected that today’s teen population will be majority-minority by 2020.[1] One of the best ways to celebrate culture and heritage is with music, and it can be a great tool for moms and dads alike to help teach their children about their family history. Targeting multicultural moms on Pandora is not only a great idea, but also easy to do, as our Multicultural Moms segment listens to over 28 hours of music every month. With Latin music being the number one most listened to genre on Pandora, you can target these moms if they listen to Spanish-language music 15-50% of the time, or more. Advertisers can also reach African American moms who connect with messages relevant to African American culture, lifestyle and traditions using a proprietary algorithm based on Pandora registration data. We caught up with one of Pandora’s multicultural moms, Nono Guimbi Gounga, who’s part of our software engineering team, to learn more about how she navigates being a French and Congolese mom living in the U.S.
What makes you a multicultural mom? NG: I am French and Congolese. I was born in France but moved back to the Congo for 9 years during my childhood. Being an African French woman, married to a French man, raising three mixed kids born in the U.S. definitely qualifies me.

What are the unique challenges of being a multicultural mom today? NG: Language. Even though we live in the U.S., it’s important that my kids speak French fluently. We decided to only speak French at home and English when they go to school. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to teach them one of the Congolese languages I know.

What role does heritage and cultural traditions play in your family life? NG: It’s crucial that my kids know who they are, where they come from, what their origins are, and what comes with the different cultures. I tell them stories about how I grew up. I found that’s the best way to get their full attention.

Does music play a part? NG: Music is a great way to help them discover their culture. We love music, singing and dancing, so it’s omnipresent in our lives.

What types of brands do you pay most attention to? NG: I pay attention to brands that target my kids’ ages in fields related to engineering, entertainment and fitness.

How can brands reach you more effectively? NG: The right ad, at the right time is a good start. For the rest, it’s hard to tell and depends a lot on my mood and how busy I am.


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Sources: 1 U.S. Census Bureau, “Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060,” March 2015