What Kind of Mom Are You? The 6 Ways Marketers Can Reach Moms, Part 3

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

Welcome to the final installment in Pandora’s “What Kind of Mom Are You?” blog series! We’ve been busy breaking down a few of the most common types of moms that advertisers want to reach. If you missed the first two installments, you can check them out here and here.

Now, we’re ready to dive into some of the trendiest mom categories out there: "The Fit Mom" and "The Foodie Mom." These moms take a special interest in making sure their bodies are healthy and in-shape, helping pass down positive habits to their little ones.

Let’s see how brands can reach these moms and talk to a few real-life Fit and Foodie moms to gain insight into their motivations and preferences.

The Fit Mom

Moms have the very busy job of taking care of their children and themselves. Maintaining sanity amidst all the obligations often means getting in a good workout. Exercise is not only a great way of reducing stress and increasing endorphins but also allows mom to get a little “me time" in. Pandora advertisers can reach these fitness-minded moms with the Fit Mom targeting segment, consisting of women ages 25-48 with an annual household income of $75,000 or more, and who frequently purchase athletic apparel, sports equipment and workout accessories for the family. Pandora has over a million monthly active listeners who fall into this category and these moms are super engaged with their music, tuning in over 25 hours every month--3 hours longer than the average listener! We caught up with Pandora Senior Manager, Lara McCaskill, to learn more about how she blends being a mother with her love of trail running.
What makes you a fit mom? LM: I’ve always been a runner but really got into distance and trail running after college.

How does staying fit make you a better mom? LM: It helps me stay energized and de-stressed. As long as I can get a good run in, I can handle toddler tantrums and whatever the day throws my way.

What motivates you to keep running? LM: I want to be a good role model for my son. I hope he develops an appreciation for the outdoors and being active, and it becomes something we enjoy doing together.

What music do you listen to? LM: Running is like dancing to me, thus my affinity for danceable music: EDM, pop, hip-hop.

What types of brands do you pay most attention to? LM: I gravitate towards authenticity and empowerment. I’m connected to the endurance sports world and am always impressed when brands use real women in their ad campaigns. It feels like I can relate to them more.

How can brands reach you more effectively? LM: Avoid the ‘shrink and pink’ approach. Moms are busy and usually make tradeoffs to stay fit. A successful brand is one that recognizes this and creates authentic connections with consumers. Free shipping and returns help too!

The Foodie Mom

From Top Chef, to Iron Chef, to The Pioneer Woman, there is no shortage of cooking shows on TV--there’s even an entire network dedicated to the love of food called, you guessed it, the Food Network. Today we know more about health and nutrition than we ever have before, and many moms strive to ensure they’re putting healthy meals on the table for their kids. The good news for advertisers who are keen to reach these Foodie Moms is that they’re very engaged on Pandora, spending over 25 hours a month listening to music. Our Foodie Mom targeting segment consists of women who have children ages 0-17 and who are regular viewers of food and cooking TV shows. These moms spend 3 times (or more!) than the national average on baking and cooking supplies, and have actively purchased food or cooking related materials in the last 12 months. This segment is mostly comprised of loyalty card and transaction-level household purchasing data, but also includes TV exposure data from set-top boxes. We sat down with one of Pandora’s software engineers, Shweta Sharma, to learn more about how food plays a role in her life not just as a mom but as a consumer.
What makes you a foodie mom? SS: I specialize in Indian food, which includes south Indian and north Indian.

How did you first become interested in food and cooking? SS: Myself and my husband love eating and trying different types of food. We are vegetarian and Indian, and when we moved to The States four years ago, my elder one kept asking me for ‘Jalebi’ (an Indian sweet). Finally, I opened my laptop and made ‘Jalebi’ for the first time, only for her. Since then my ‘cooking for kids’ journey started--before that I was just ‘cooking to fill.’

How does your passion for food shape you as a mom? SS: I understand them better. I know about their needs, likes and dislikes. Food and family time is something that tells you a lot about your kids.

Does music play a role in how you share food with your children? SS: The best cooking happens when we have music playing in the background, and cooking and dancing happening in the foreground.

What types of brands do you pay most attention to? SS: I prefer brands that have ingredients and nutrition values specified clearly. Brand messages like ‘easy-to-make’ really helps.

How can brands reach you more effectively? SS: Brands can better reach me by telling how a product is beneficial to my child’s growth.


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