With Expanded Audio Everywhere Ad Product, We Look Back at Pandora’s Evolution of Connectivity



At Pandora, we have a long history with connectivity. Ever since the iPhone landed in everyone’s hand back in 2007, we’ve made it a priority to bring personalized music experiences to our listeners, wherever and whenever they want it.

For the past eight years, Pandora has made a commitment to doing this through seamless integrations with connected devices from speakers, to wearables, to cars, and so much more. As we continue to establish these integrations, we look carefully at each new device to make sure we are optimizing the Pandora experience for our listeners.


Blog_timeline_deviceTimelineNow, with more than 1,000 connected devices able to play Pandora, we continue to navigate the growing tech landscape by being in lockstep with listener behavior. And if we know anything, we know that listener behavior is rapidly shifting toward increased mobility. This presents a complex challenge for marketers, but with over 24 million unique connections on consumer electronics devices and more than 160 car models with in-dash Pandora integrations, we are poised to help advertisers resonate in this always-on, connected world.

Audio Everywhere Now More Connected Than Ever

With our listeners beginning to expect a fully connected experience, we know how important it is for advertisers to find seamless ways to join them. Pandora’s continued evolution toward effortless connectivity crosses a major milestone today, with our Audio Everywhere advertising solution now encompassing what we call “Connected Home” and “Connected Car” devices (in addition to web, mobile and tablet platforms, which have always been included in the product).

Aligning one of our most popular products with a growing at-home and in-car audience gives marketers the opportunity to efficiently engage listeners literally everywhere. Pandora is the only digital publisher able to offer such a comprehensive, cross-device audio solution to let brands truly resonate with audiences wherever they may be.

Pandora’s Connectivity Takes To The Road

Since targeted, in-car advertising has traditionally only been accessible to AM/FM radio, it is particularly exciting that advertisers can now target listeners while they’re driving. By leveraging the power of personalization and audio, as well as our proprietary targeting capabilities, brands can extend their marketing strategies to the road in a compelling way. With more than nine million users currently accessing Pandora through their car dashboard, this is a great way for marketers to deliver brand messages to a captive audience. But the innovation doesn’t stop here…

The technology and product teams at Pandora are consistently searching for opportunities to create not only a better listening experience, but also superior advertising. As a result of this constant innovation, Pandora will continue to deliver the right song at the right time, in addition to creating rich, cross-platform advertising experiences.

This has already been a fantastic journey for us, but we know that with the evolution of effortless connectivity, the only constant is change. We look forward to bringing personalized music experiences to wherever our listeners go next.

Lizzie Widhelm, Senior Vice President Ad Product Sales and Strategy