Your 2020 Playbook for Maximizing Ad Effectiveness: Tune-In

Hadley Stork

As we head into 2020, why not start planning some achievable campaign goals for the new year? Whether you’re a network or a streaming service, how are you making sure you’re reaching the right audience to drive viewership? We can arm you with the knowledge to drive the most effective ad campaigns.

Our Insights Lab team analyzed of 1,500+ campaigns from the past three years, consolidating the most relevant insights into actions designed to help accomplish your 2020 campaign goals.

Goal: Driving Viewership

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For many Entertainment partners, viewership is the ultimate KPI. Pandora has conducted robust research to understand the effectiveness of driving tune-in from campaigns run on our platform. We analyzed years of data and discovered three key insights about how to drive viewership:

  • Consider Connected Devices in your media campaign. Consumers are adopting this new technology at staggering rates. According to Gartner, 25 billion connected devices will be in use by 2021. Laura McElhinney, Director of Entertainment notes, “Our tune-in partners must make a big impact within a short window to drive viewership and as a result, many of them are prioritizing Connected Home Audio. The audience is moving there in droves and Pandora is uniquely positioned to capture this engaged (often co-listening) audience.” And it works! A new series on a streaming platform found that Connected Home drove 40% higher show streams 14 days after the episode premiered and 48% higher show streams 30 days after the episode premiered.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of hyper-targeting. In today’s world it can be very tempting to market to niche audiences, but you might be missing out on a whole set of new viewers. In a study for a Sci-Fi show, we found that audiences who enjoyed crime shows and historical period dramas also over-indexed on sci-fi programming anywhere from 381-703%. This cast a wide net of perspective viewers, and we were able to expand their targeting strategy and increase their tune-in lift by 3x!

  • Create personalized audio for Pandora’s unique 1:1 environment. Instead of creating a generic ad, leverage what we know about our listeners to tailor your message for their environment and the moment they are in. “Our partners lean in to personalized audio, not only because Entertainment can have so much fun with it, but because we drive increased tune-in lifts when we do so,” says Laura. "If you're trying to talk to a parent to get them excited about an upcoming show, we see that many partners are starting to message listeners acknowledging the moment that they are in: driving, with their kids, work, etc. This is a unique Pandora advantage to develop custom audio strategies in partnership with us based on our large addressable scale across all platforms." One streaming partner developed audio with contextual messaging built around where the listener was: at home, in the car – even working out! – and saw a 46% increase in show stream intent.

What this means for marketers

Our research shows that reaching the right audience at the right time is more crucial than ever to drive tune-in. How much adjustment does your marketing strategy need to reflect these consumer preferences?

As you’re thinking about how to drive viewership, keep all of our insights in mind to help guide your media plan and rake in those views.