Your Music, Your Politics: Pandora Gets It


Whether you’re from a blue or a red state, Pandora’s pretty much got your number. Here’s why: We’re rolling out a new program that matches up election results with our listeners’ music preferences and ZIP code. We then match that up with our listeners’ musical inclinations with whether those musicians they love are most often listened to by Republicans or Democrats. It involves some pretty powerful arithmetic.

All that helps us better target our listeners on behalf of our advertisers. It’s just one more way we’re combining the power of music with the power of technology to create a service that our listeners love and our advertisers can benefit from.

“Targeting users is basically the currency in data right now,” Jack Krawczyk, our director of product told the Wall Street Journal recently. For more, check out the Wall Street Journal piece Jack is quoted in. In addition, the WSJ has provided a handy quiz to help you determine where you should be on the left-right scale based on what kinds of music you like. Enjoy!