Feb 24, 2020
Episode 7: You Gotta Work For It: Audio, Voice, and Earning Engagement
With Frito-Lay

Episode Chapters

2:11 - How can you effectively use audio to connect with consumers? 6:01 - We are currently going through a second renaissance of audio - what does that entail? 8:57 - What have we learned from consumers now that they have the ability to literally say “no” if they don’t want to hear your ad? 12:03 - The Doritos creative 14:15 - How can we think about measuring these new voice ads? 18:28 - Frito Lay was one of the first to market with their Snackable Notes Alexa skill - what advice do they have for other marketers who are just entering the voice space?

In this episode, Claire Fanning, Pandora VP of Ad Innovation, sits down with James Clarke, Sr. Director Media, Analytics & CRM at Frito Lay North America to discuss the challenges and opportunities that voice is introducing to the audio medium. James shares his approach to audio across the Frito Lay portfolio, how Doritos approached voice ads, and together they discuss how voice is giving brands an opportunity to be truly authentic through a new mode of consumer engagement.

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