Jan 7, 2019
Episode 4: Defining Voice Strategy
With Nestle

Episode Chapters

2:09 - How can you effectively implement new technology? 4:00 - Where is the real opportunity with voice technology? 8:19 - With so much competition with voice skills, how can brands stand out from the crowd and get consumers to use their apps multiple times? 11:42 - What KPIs should brands be thinking about in the voice space? 13:34 - How do sonic IDs fit into this new space? 18:16 - What does the future hold for voice? 22:15 - What does it mean to be “customer-obsessed?”

We are in the midst of a significant shift in user behavior as voice technology is rapidly integrating into our everyday lives. A quarter of US households have a smart speaker today, with growth expected to hit 50% in 2019, yet only 3% of skills are getting repeat visitors after a week. How can voice technology enable brands to connect with customers, and where should marketers start focusing their efforts?

In this episode of The Insights Lab, Lizzie Widhelm, Pandora’s SVP of Ad Innovation Sales & Strategy, is joined by Orchid Bertelsen, Nestle’s Digital Innovation Lead, where they discuss all things voice.

Whether your brand wants to lead this innovative space or prefers to wait and see how the technology evolves, marketers should be evaluating their voice strategy. Here are three of our top takeaways from this Insights Lab podcast episode:

  1. Solve for the customer: While many are buzzing about voice technology, it’s imperative that marketers be solving a customer use case rather than using voice technology as the end goal. As brands connect with customers through voice, it should add value and enjoyment to the customer experience.
  2. Develop a sonic identity: Now is the time to think about your brand’s sonic identity. As listeners get used to hearing your brand, your brand may benefit from that recognition when it comes time to more deeply engage with customers via voice.
  3. What’s your voice strategy? Does your brand want search category authority or to connect via a skill? How would your brand interact with customers using voice? While marketers at large are figuring out voice, use these questions and this podcast discussion to help spark ideas into your voice strategy.