Jan 19, 2021
Episode 11: Benchmarking the Industry with She Runs It
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2020 turned everything on its head. And on the heels of Black Lives Matter, social movements and diversity & inclusion initiatives were accelerated like never before.

Organizations like She Runs It and women like Carol Watson (Chief Inclusion Officer, BCW Global) and Lynn Branigan (CEO & President, She Runs It) are behind some of the biggest D&I initiatives in the industry. In this episode, we sit down with Carol and Lynn to dive into #Inclusive100—and how it's challenging some of the largest brands in the game to walk the walk.

Taped on: October 23, 2020

Host: Priscilla Valls, Vice President, Agency, Advertiser, & Industry Partnerships Editor-in-Chief: Jocelyn Hudak Editor: Ella Tatum