May 28, 2020
Episode 23
Episode 23: Pivoting Strong and Providing Solutions, Hip-Hop Star Lecrae on the Impacts of COVID-19
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Chances are, you were planning to go to at least one show this summer—if not multiple. With everyone indoors and online, where does that leave entertainment?

We can’t deny that artists have been a hard hit community. And as a music company, it’s our responsibility to explore just what that means for artists and their fans. Turns out, there’s an opportunity for brands to support these initiatives and make an impact in the process.

As part of our special SoundCheck series, we’re talking to managers, marketing executives, and of course, musicians, to get their thoughts on the changes that lie ahead. In this episode, we sit down with hip-hop superstar and music executive, Lecrae, to explore the impacts of COVID-19 on the artist community.

The conversation explores everything from:

  • Why consistency matters across the board
  • What artists want from brands before entering partnerships
  • How to be innovative and adaptive in these new circumstances

Executive Producer: Jocelyn Hudak Editor: Ciara Fanlo Host: J1