Mar 29, 2017
Episode 2: Sonic Identity Part II
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Last month, we published the debut episode of Pandora’s The Power of Audio podcast to explore the concept of Sonic Identity. We talked about what it is and how it can ignite a “theater of the mind” effect by making the listener feel like a participant in your story. Marketing gold, right?


Right! But there’s more to explore on this topic. Such as, “why are we so keen on talking about Sonic Identity now?” Sure, we at Pandora love audio, but thinking about a brand’s sound has become a critical marketing conversation because of how consumer habits have changed.


According to Ron Rodrigues of our Sales Research team, these changes have been 100% tech-driven. It’s the vast adoption of smartphones and a strong consumer demand for personalization that has transformed how we listen to audio. Now, “the audio that you choose is the audio that you, and only you, hear,” Ron explains.


It’s this novel change that’s forced marketers to rethink how to make a successful audio ad. In Part II of our Sonic Identity conversation, we speak again with Pandora’s internal audio experts on why marketers need to pay attention to their brand’s Sonic Identity. We’ll chat listening trends, data and how marketers can adapt their creative process accordingly.


Ready to learn more? Us too! Go on and take a listen!


Did you miss Episode 1? It’s not too late to beef up your knowledge of sonic branding. Catch up by tuning in here.


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