Crimenes de Terror

The most terrifying serial killers in the history of the United States are the protagonists of Crimes of Terror. In this podcast, we will learn the stories of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Fred and Rosemary West, Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, and other of the most dangerous criminals of all time. Terror Crimes will delve into the lives of these men and women to find out what their childhood was like, what their motivations were for entering the underworld, and we will explain why they committed such bloody acts worthy of a scary movie. Could it be that reality has already surpassed fiction by far? Two well-known Mexican journalists, José Luis Montenegro and David Dorantes, on both sides of the border, present an in-depth investigation of each murderer, their psychological profiles, the FBI reports, and the sentences they received as a result of the terror and suffering they caused in the country. In each episode, we'll dive into the most chilling details of the killers, detailing how they killed their victims, how they went unnoticed for so long, their arrests, the trials, and the disturbing crime scenes. Why did Charles Manson get a cross tattooed on his forehead? Why did John Wayne Gacy dress up as a clown to commit his crimes? Why did Jeffrey Dahmer have a fixation on African-American men? If you have the courage… find out in Terror Crimes! Terror Crimes is an original product of Mundo Hispánico Digital