NBC Killer Role

The actress Wyn Reed had that powerful combination of charisma, beauty and smarts. Such a talent that a team of movie producers were dumbstruck when the 28 year-old Wyn agreed to play the lead—that of a killer—in their upcoming, small-budget, horror flick. What the filmmakers didn’t know, as they got on location, was that Wyn wasn’t really Wyn. That was all make believe—the killer part, though? That was real. Wyn was actually Tucker—a talented and accomplished woman who, in addition to being an actress, had co-authored 2 young adult novels before she ever enrolled at the University of Southern California. But Tucker’s life took a traumatic turn. She dropped out, moved home, then shot her uncle. She claimed it was self-defense… a story the district attorney accepted until another movie Tucker made surfaced. As Tucker’s case played out in rural Oregon during the backdrop of the Covid pandemic, Dateline’s Keith Morrison was on it from the start, conducting numerous, exclusive interviews as well as logging hours of police interviews. The makers of the #1 hit podcasts “The Thing About Pam” and “Motive for Murder” now present “Killer Role.