RABBITS: An Audio Drama

Carly Parker’s best friend Yumiko Takata is missing. Carly begins to suspect that Yumiko had been playing a version of a mysterious nameless alternate reality game the players refer to only as “Rabbits;” a secret, dangerous, and occasionally fatal underground game where the prizes are unclear but may involve: large sums of money, NSA or CSI recruitment, and perhaps even the secrets of the universe. The punishments for revealing your participation in the game are severe. Part true crime mystery, part alternate reality exploration, all mystery. Rabbits. You play. You never talk about Rabbits. "Addictive." - Neil Patrick Harris "Twisted and addictive." - USA Today In the second season of Rabbits, we follow Riley Bennett as she looks into what happened to Carly Parker at the end of season one, and uncovers a strange series of coincidences that appear to be connected to Rabbits. Riley begins to suspect that these bizarre coincidences are an indication that something is very wrong with the mysterious underground game, something that might mean the end of the entire multiverse as we know it.


Carly Parker