Is We Dumb?

Is We Dumb? is a weekly exploration of all the outrageous, strange, and oftentimes unbelievably stupid things people do, say or sell on the web. Hosts Dan Cummins (stand up comic) and Joe Paisley (rock radio DJ) look at “who’s buying this?” products to “he got arrested for what!?!” news articles, to “how dare you leave that one-star review on Yelp for the pettiest of complaints.” Dan and Joe examine humanities’ worst mistakes in the hopes of helping themselves and their audience avoid repeating them. They also make fun of themselves almost as often as they make fun of strangers, and their tremendously engaged audience - the “dummies” - now do most of their job for them, sending in fresh comedic content every week. Is We Dumb is an hour plus of escapist laughs delivered straight to your ear-holes every Wednesday at Noon PT.


Dan Cummins
Joe Paisley