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/ˈsaʊnd ˌtʃek/
a test of the musical instruments and recording equipment to make certain that everything is working and that the sound quality is good before the start of a show.

It’s time to listen, learn, and adjust.

Our Mission

We’re calling for a SoundCheck.

As the economic landscape continues to change, brands need to follow the shifts. Now is a critical time to engage in discussion, build meaningful relationships, and earn the respect of your consumers. Your actions now will determine your brand perception today—and in the years to come.

Here, we’ll keep you updated with top insights, expert opinions, and valuable consumer feedback. Take a pause, check in, and move forward informed and inspired.

The Evolving Consumer Mindset

Like you, your customers are going through multiple changes right now, and their behavior reflects that. We’ll continue to check in with consumers on how they’re feeling, so you can better understand their state-of-mind and respond appropriately.

“Music is my home, my safe place, and my best friend. It has provided me strength and comfort through this disappointing and frustrating situation.”

Pandora Listener

The Adapting Advertising Industry

Pivoting quickly and efficiently is key to staying successful as a brand, especially when consumers are watching your every move. We’re spotlighting strong brands, and checking in with experts on how to adapt your approach.

“I think whatever we see the future to be, people will still be consuming audio. So audio will still be an important part of consumers’ lives, and will be an important part of company and brand storytelling.”

- Jeni Gardner

The Changing Creator Landscape

Artists are connecting with listeners, and staying involved in what’s happening. Hear how today’s top creators are leading the way in consumer connections — and how you can join them in influencing the world.

“Everything has changed, so we all have to start thinking outside the box. Artists are connecting with fans in new ways, and brands can be a part of that.”

Arnold Taylor

Proud to Support Our Partners

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