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CPG Brand Boosts Sales by $1M with Dynamic Audio


total incremental sales


sales lift (benchmark: 0.53%)


lift in penetration (benchmark: 0.53%)

First-party data fuels hyper-personalized messaging that engages consumers throughout their day

The Challenge

Gaining new consumers can be hard; converting them can be even harder. This brand needed help with both.

The Solution

We knew we could help this brand through our proprietary data—but that was just the start. We also made it a point to hyper-personalize their ad messaging, too.

The Results

Our Dynamic Audio strategy created messaging that caught listeners throughout their days, and spoke to them in an authentic way. We factored in data—like time of day, parent vs. non-parent, and music genre—to inform each creative message. This all proved successful against KPIs and also out-performed standard mobile audio. By partnering with Oracle to measure success, we were able to hone in on household penetration to calculate ROI.