Succes Story: Grocery Store

Grocery Store Chain Drives Over 100K Incremental In-Store Visits


incremental store visits


overall behavioral lift

Mix of storytelling products and first-party data matching cuts through holiday clutter and drives foot traffic

The Challenge

This grocery store knew who their high-value customers were, but they were having trouble reaching them during the holiday season.

The Solution

We used a diverse product mix (we’re talking Mobile Audio, Tablet Audio, Web Audio, Dynamic Audio, and Connected Home Audio) to reach local customers who mattered most.

The brand also passed off their custom-built first-party data to Pandora via LiveRamp integration partnership

The Results

Through our first-party data skills, we identified the brand’s high-value audience. We targeted them with dynamic ads that reached them throughout their days and left a lasting impression—which ultimately spurred in-store visits. We utilized Placed Visitation Study to determine incremental foot traffic to store locations. This large grocery store chain saw an 8.29% lift in incremental visits (exceeding benchmark of 4.7%), 4.22% overall behavioral lift, and 101k incremental store visits.