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How Lactaid Drove a +14 Point Increase in Purchase Intent


lift in message association


lift in purchase intent


lift in agreement that “Lactaid is a milk for me”

Diverse product solution and comprehensive targeting boosts relevancy across audiences

The Challenge

Targeting lactose-free shoppers is tricky enough. Inspiring them to choose Lactaid is a whole nother hurdle.

The Solution

We first leveraged our 1P and 3P targeting, while tapping into Lactaid’s custom segments, to hone in on General Market and Hispanic lactose-free shoppers. To make Lactaid relevant and keep ’em top of mind, we knew we had to consistently reinforce Lactaid’s benefits throughout our campaign messaging—in both English and Spanish.

The Results

A mix of mobile products was key here for helping reinforce messages across video, display, and audio. Overall, we saw lift in brand metrics across the purchase funnel for Lactaid: Among the total audience, message association increased by +12.1 points, while purchase intent grew by +8.9 points. Lifts were particularly high among multicultural audiences, who showed a +20.4 lift in message association alongside a +34.5 lift in purchase intent.

Pandora's hyper-targeted approach helped Lactaid reach key general market and Hispanic audiences and serve them contextually relevant creative throughout their day. We are particularly proud of the partnership's success in reaching multicultural audiences with resonant in-language creative. Pandora has allowed us to stay relevant with this key consumer, as evidenced by the sizable lift in message association we saw with them.

Matthew Sellman, Associate Brand Manager, LACTAID