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  • July 7, 2017
  • 3 minute read

Case Study: Pandora Delivers New Patients for the Advanced Vein Center

The Advanced Vein Center, with 20+ years of combined clinical experience, teamed up with Pandora to increase awareness among females, age 30+, and to drive new patients to the Mesa, AZ practice.

Pandora’s media efforts helped drive new consults to the practice—delivering a 53% new patient conversion rate for the Advanced Vein Center.1 The combination of audio and data-driven advertising solutions resulted in the greatest success of all the client's marketing initiatives to date.

Deep Dive

Seeing little results from previous marketing programs on cable TV, the Mesa, AZ practice turned to digital to reach their target patient. The practice ran two separate campaigns, one on Zoc Doc (an online medical directory where potential patients can search for nearby doctors in their network, read reviews and book appointments) and one on Pandora. The Pandora campaign was designed to support their key initiatives of:

  • Drive growth in initial consultations and new patients
  • Increase brand awareness for the Advanced Vein Center, their service offerings and the importance of healthy veins

Based on these objectives, Pandora created an audience-first campaign to reach the on-the-go female, whether she’s at work, at the gym, at home or driving the kiddos around during carpool.

Awareness, Education and Intent through Pandora’s Audio Everywhere Product: The Advanced Vein Center utilized Audio Everywhere to deliver impactful messages, combined with interactive engagements, to reach their target audience. This strategy helped the center meet both branding and traffic-driving objectives:

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  • The Power of Audio Increased Campaign Performance: Audio transcends all screens. On Pandora, it’s a powerful medium because audio is native to the listening experience, meaning audio advertising is less intrusive and more accepted by listeners. The campaign’s Audio Everywhere messages were delivered in a soft and emotional voice to remind women that it’s summertime--a time for shorts, skirts, dresses and swimsuits (not a time to feel ashamed of your body and let unwanted veins get in the way of summer activities). By tapping into “The Power of Audio” and the passion point of music on Pandora, the Advanced Vein Center achieved upper and lower funnel campaign objectives, and outperformed the Zoc Doc campaign.
  • It’s About the Audience, Not the Platform: Pandora’s Audio Everywhere solution delivers messages cross-platform, no matter if the listener is accessing Pandora on the web, on-the-go via a mobile device, on a tablet, in their home or in a connected car. Audio Everywhere allowed the Advanced Vein Center to focus on audience without having to worry about where they’re listening. In today’s connected world, cross-platform advertising is essential and Pandora is the only publisher and streaming music solution to offer this powerful, ubiquitous audio approach.
  • Efficient and Effective Geo and Demo Targeting: With 80 million monthly active listeners, and one of the largest logged-in users bases in the country, Pandora leveraged proprietary data to deliver the Advanced Vein Center's audio messages specifically to female listeners, age 30+, who live within a 10-15 mile radius of the Mesa, AZ practice. This data-driven marketing approach allowed the practice to reach a precise audience and eliminate waste, ensuring their message rang through the ears of their ideal patient.

The Results

By capitalizing on the Power of Audio and precise data-driven targeting, the Advanced Vein Center's campaign was successful in exceeding expectations:

  • 53% of Pandora referrals converted to new patients and underwent treatment1
  • 171% greater referral rate than Zoc Doc1
  • 26% increase in new consults generated through their website during the campaign flight1

The campaign’s success reinforces the power of an audience-first strategy, combining audio, cross-platform reach and effective targeting to capture the attention of on-the-go females. While sometimes not the sexiest of topics, the Advanced Vein Center prides itself on educating people on the importance of healthy veins and early detection of possible issues. By partnering with Pandora, the Advanced Vein Center’s brand resonated with the quality, target audience that mattered most to their business.

1 Advanced Vein Center internal tracking (prospective patient inquires and new patient registrations)