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  • September 24, 2018
  • 1 minute read

Lane Bryant Drives Lift in Store Traffic With Mobile-First Strategy


Drive qualified store traffic during the busy, yet crucial, holiday season.


Lane Bryant, the most recognized name in clothing and accessories for sizes 14 to 28, came to Pandora wanting to drive foot traffic into stores across the nation during the crucial holiday season. In order to achieve their goals, Lane Bryant needed to ensure they were optimizing their media campaign to only reach the most qualified listeners with relevant messaging, and employ a media mix strategy that would break through the holiday clutter.


Lane Bryant came to Pandora to leverage our robust audience base and premium ad solutions to help them achieve their goals:

1. Reach through to their core consumer demographic

2. Drive qualified traffic to stores

The Opportunity:

Pandora understands the retail challenge of breaking through to consumers during the bustling holiday season, and it’s in-app mobile environment is an ideal place for a highly targeted campaign to shine. Marketers need to place themselves at the forefront of where customers are spending the majority of their time, which we know is on mobile listening to audio. Lane Bryant utilized Pandora’s position as #1 in mobile time spent with robust audience capabilities in order to stay top of mind during the 2016 holiday season and beyond.

Pandora Solution:

Lane Bryant and Pandora employed a multi-faceted approach with targeting at the forefront:

• Levering an audience base of over 86 million unique listeners[1], Pandora created a custom audience segment comprised of Lane Bryant's core demographic to ensure their campaign was optimized to reach only those most qualified.

• To amplify messaging, Lane Bryant employed a mobile first strategy to ensure they were reaching their busy, on-the-go demographic, utilizing Pandora’s position as #1 in mobile time spent.

• Lane Bryant garnered maximum attention through a multi-product media mix, employing both display and audio creative to ensure their messaging was resonating with consumers.


Through Placed, Lane Bryant was able to prove that their strategy of marrying precision targeting with an optimized media mix worked. Pandora was able to drive a 17%[2] lift in store traffic, outpacing Placed retail benchmark of just 7%.

[1] comScore April 2017

[2] Placed Results