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Programmatic Audio & Podcasts Lead to Strong Lift in Brand Awareness for Personal Care Brand


lift in unaided brand awareness


lift in aided brand awareness


lift in overall opinion of brand


overall sales lift

The Challenge

A notable male personal care brand wanted to drive awareness and brand preference among audio streamers and podcast listeners; specifically Hispanic males between the ages of 18 and 49. They also wanted to increase brand favorability and brand attributes through unique, high-impact creative.

The Solution

Programmatic audio helped drive scale and efficiency while podcasts provided contextual relevancy to connect with listeners. SXM Media’s solutions helped fill that awareness bucket and allowed the brand to reach listeners in an authentic way.

The Results

Mobile audio and mobile display AV advertising were a winning combination, helping to generate a +10-point lift in unaided brand awareness, a +9.5-point lift in aided brand awareness, and a +14-point lift in brand opinion overall. And what may be most impressive? A combination of in-language creative and optimal frequency levels resulted in a 13.6% lift in overall sales—which was six times higher than the median CPG benchmark.