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Sequential audio increases ad recall by +12%


more likely to recall the call-to-action


more likely to remember the creative message

Sequential audio ads created a unique storytelling experience that resonated with listeners

The Challenge

JAMRS (a department of the military’s defense program) was looking to boost their recruiting mission. They wanted to find a way to continually connect with potential recruits and increase brand recognition.

The Solution

We knew that creating a memorable ad through the power of storytelling could make a big impact, so we strategized and tested Sequential Audio ads to test ad recall.

The Results

Our strategy was a game-changer. Listeners exposed to the sequenced ads were +12.2% more likely to remember the call-to-action and +8.5% more likely to remember the creative message (and associate it with the JAMRS brand). These listeners were also more likely to recall important components of the ad, such as the details of the message, compared to listeners not exposed to the ad.