Success Story: Stubhub

StubHub Drives Bottom-of-funnel Results with Personalized Audio


order confirmations, with a $263.99 average spend per order


lift in brand recall (benchmark 3%)


lift in purchase intent (benchmark 1-3%)

Personalized messaging doesn't just create unbeatable listening experiences—but conversions, too

The Challenge

StubHub wanted to inform their audience about the music, sports, and comedy events they love in a streamlined manner.

The Solution

We know our listeners love live events—it was just a matter of letting the right audience know about the right event. We used Dynamic and Sequential Audio solutions to help customize the creative messaging for StubHub.

The Results

Instead of a generic message of event offerings, we tapped into the uniqueness of StubHub’s consumers through personalized ads. We leveraged our dynamic ad products to personalize the creative in real time, factoring in data signals like day of week and listeners’ location. Plus, we used Sequential Audio ads to keep the brand’s value proposition fresh with a series of messaging. Consumers came rushing, accounting for over 2 million page visits. Brand lift was evaluated by Pandora Surveys, a proprietary measurement solution.