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Volvo Drives Unaided Recall by 66% with Podcasts


of ad listeners recalled Volvo unaided


higher brand affinity


more likely to seek info about Volvo

Podcast Ads deliver a full-funnel experience

The Challenge

In the midst of an ongoing supply chain issue, the auto industry is faced with the challenge of balancing brand and retail needs. Safety, innovation, sustainability are top-of-mind for Volvo, and they wanted to find consumers who agree. 

The Solution

Volvo put the SXM Podcast Network in the driver's seat to accelerate their story. Podcasts offer brands like Volvo access to devoted communities of listeners—and by using our advanced first party data, we found what podcast audiences matched the brand’s lifestyle & behavior characteristics. The strategy was rooted in the voices of our podcast hosts to push out Volvo’s messaging: 

Host Read Ads: Beloved podcasts hosts from Freakonomics, Ologies, and Hidden Brain customized messaging to optimize resonance with listeners. As thought leaders within their communities, hosts shared Volvo’s ads live during episodes with their own unique spin to drive authentic engagement. 

The Results

No surprise here: Volvo's ads were incredibly memorable according to SXM Media norms, outperforming Nielsen unaided and aided recall norms.Nearly half of ad listeners were immediately ready to recommend Volvo and are eager to learn more information on the brand. 

We’ve developed an authentic connection with our smart, data-driven listeners. We felt that Volvo’s commitment to safety, electrification, and sustainability would resonate with them.

Stephen Dubner, Host, Freakonomics Radio