AudiOM: 5 Guided Meditations to Reset Your Mind

We’re in unprecedented and uncertain times. In this “new normal,” many of the ways we used to relax and recharge are no longer available. Like you, we were looking to create space for self-care in the midst of a crisis. How do we keep our communities safe, while also staying sane ourselves? Well, sound can certainly help. And that’s what we do best.

From the beginning of time, sound has been used to calm nerves, stir emotion, and create profound transformation in both body and mind. Together, sound vibration and intention have the power to hone awareness and reframe reality. And the most powerful sound of all: OM.

So, we teamed up with CAYA Studios, a self-improvement, self-discovery, and diversity dedicated company. Together, we bring you 5 guided meditations to help you, relax, focus, energize, and sleep. (We didn’t forget the youngsters! There’s a kid-focused sound mediation too.)

Welcome to AudiOM. We’re happy you’re here.

Relax Let us guess—you might be feeling a little tense right now? Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out… Listen along for more guidance to soften your body, unwind your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Energy Trust us, our stamina is zapped too. This meditation will give you a boost of energy, bring a little zest to your day, and invigorate your senses. It’s perfect for that 3PM slump.

Focus With our attention pulled in lots of different directions, it can be a challenge to maintain focus. This meditation improves learning, memory, and perception. Tune in to re-center, clear your brain, and do your best.

Kids With everyone under the same roof, parents and little ones alike could use a break during the day. Everyone can enjoy this meditation; with clear, simple guidance, it’s perfect for all ages.

Rest & Recovery In times like this, health should be your top priority. Feeling rested is essential for staying well, but it’s common to lose sleep due to stress. Slow down, press play, and settle into slumber.

Interested in learning more about the techniques used to produce the AudiOM sound meditations? Explore the world 3D audio here.

Produced in partnership with CAYA Studios. Caya Studios is a female-owned small business specializing in personal growth, development, and positive change through retreats, events, and classes. CAYA works with a diverse community to foster healing, self-care, and coaching that fits every journey.

Meditation Instructors provided by The Dojo Upstate. The Dojo Upstate houses an ambisonic listening and production space. Using this unique multi-channel speaker array, they design immersive live experiences and meditation content, with an emphasis on the natural harmonics of sound as the fundamental tapestry and vehicle for the inward journey.