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We aren’t just a digital agency, or an audio production partner. We are born at the crossroads of creative and data, science and sound.

We are an audio-first creative consultancy.

Whether your brand is considering audio, developing a sonic identity, or ready to bring it to life, Studio Resonate has what you need.


Is Your Brand Being Heard?

Roger Gehrmann, Group Creative Director, on the importance of delivering your message with “sound on.”


The Six Dimensions of Sound

New to the audio medium?

This is our unique perspective on sound, not just as an artform, but as a science that affects us psychologically, physiologically and emotionally. We believe sound is the most powerful method of human connection. Not convinced? Have a listen. (Oh and if your 'brand guidelines' only refer to visual assets, this is a great place to start.)

Sonic Strategy and Identity

Sound and audio have the ability to transcend the limitations of visuals, language and even culture. It’s proven that sound can create such powerful memories that remain with us for decades.

We are quickly transitioning into a world where it is imperative for brands to represent themselves without visuals.

Is your brand thinking about sound at a strategic level, or just as a tactical tool? Meet Steve Keller, our award-winning Sonic Strategy Director.


Dynamic Audio Experts

Dynamic audio ads are a far cry from the one-size-fits-all broadcast radio ads of yesteryear. Combining the power of Pandora’s unique audience insights and a data-driven creative concept, we help brands deliver ads that are dynamically customized on real-time data to ensure seamless, relevant and hyper-personalized messages for every listener.


Creative Services

Insights Lab

Data-informed &  Data-optimized Creative

Measurement has traditionally been a challenging space for audio platforms. We built the Insights Lab to help brands navigate the audio ecosystem by translating data sets into actionable and creative advertising strategies.


Let’s Talk

Studio Resonate services and consultation are available to all Pandora advertisers.Already advertising on Pandora? Reach out to your Pandora sales contact to learn more.New to Pandora? Click here to learn how to advertise with us.