5 Best Practices for your GOTV Strategy

Sean Duggan, VP Advertising Sales

With midterm elections right around the corner, it's important to maximize impact with potential voters. Deploying a mobile-first advertising approach to reach voters over the final 5-10 days of the election can make all the difference.


Utilize these 5 best practices for your GOTV strategy to gain maximum exposure and motivate voters to get to the polls.

1. Why should campaigns be using Pandora as a key part of their GOTV strategy?
With the explosive growth of audio streaming (IE Music, Podcasts, etc) Pandora delivers high audience engagement with an average of 24 hours listening per month. Pandora provides a powerful reach platform of over 90 million monthly listeners in a premium and safe ad environment.  Audio streaming also provides a powerful advertising solution to reach cord cutters; 38% of Pandora’s audience are cord cutters or cord never consumers.

2. How should campaigns use Pandora for GOTV?
To maximize impact with potential voters, we recommend deploying a mobile-first advertising approach to reach with voters over the final 5-10 days of the election. We also recommend a blend of creative including high-impact display, audio, and video for maximum voter impact.  Recently we’ve also seen campaigns benefit by incorporating Pandora’s reward-based products like Sponsored Listening to engage voters in a clutter-free ad environment.

3. Do you have any best practices for GOTV messaging and creative on Pandora?
Make ads personalized with a clear reminder, visual and closing statement to motivate voters to get to the polls.

4. What kind of audience targeting does Pandora provide that would be useful for GOTV?
We offer political, multicultural and issue-based targeting solutions.

5. What would you like to see more campaigns doing with their GOTV strategy?
Campaigns should plan their audio GOTV strategy early. We continue to see too many campaigns reaching out in late October when Pandora advertising inventory is limited.  Early GOTV planning allows campaigns flexibility to target their voter audiences and the option to reserve a high impact campaign during the final days of the election.

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