Engineering for Engagement: CES 2018

Eric Suliga, Creative Director

Welcome to 2018!

A new year means new campaigns, new strategies, and new technologies for marketers -- all of which will be discussed at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One of our favorite events of the year, CES has become the birthplace for unveiling new and innovative technologies that give us a glimpse into the future. As Marc Benioff puts it, we’ve entered into a 4th industrial revolution that is already changing our everyday lives. “Behind all these [next generation technologies], is the customer. And that’s what all of us do. We’re working to connect with our customers in an incredible new way.”

While we have yet to see the full potential and utilization of emerging tech such as AI, AR and VR by brands, many are not only embracing them, but are starting to implement them in various ways.

Will you be at CES? Be sure to catch Susan Panico, SVP of Strategic Solutions, speak on Thursday at 1pm in the Aria all about how AR, VR and AI will reshape music as we know it today.

As we gear up for another round of emerging and innovative technologies and advancements in 2018, we wanted to first check in with industry analyst and founder of Kaleido Insights, Jessica Groopman on some important and tangible ways that brands are already adopting new tech to create better connections with consumers.

4 Opportunities Emerging Technologies Unlock for Brands

The pace and scope of technological advancement is growing faster and wider than ever. It’s not just components and infrastructure -- emerging technologies are transforming the human experience, penetrating every aspect of our lives. From biometric authentication to genetically personalized medicine; from in-home automation to virtual reality-based shopping; from connected cars to 3-D printed products, such a kaleidoscope of technologies introduces new interfaces, new capabilities, new forms of value for end users and businesses alike.

Read the full post from Jessica Groopman here.

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