Sonido On—Hispanic Consumers are Eager to Hear Ads that Reflect Their Culture

The second-fastest growing demographic in the U.S., deeply invested in their culture, and of course, curators and creators of some fantastic music: your Hispanic audience has their sonido on. As 50% of the total U.S. population growth and over $1.7 trillion in combined spending power, this audience is engaged and ready to hear your brand’s story.

Your Hispanic audience has a rich connection to their culture and ethnicity, yet often feel they are living in two worlds. As a result, the resounding preference for this audience is to see messages that highlight that experience by speaking to both parts of their identity.

One of the great ways to frame that messaging? Music. While this audience’s media consumption may be mostly in English, music is the one touchpoint where the bilingual language connection is the strongest. In addition, they want to see their lives reflected in bilingual ads.

This is only the beginning—there are so many more ways to connect with your Hispanic audience. Explore our latest infographic, Sonido On, to find out more.

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