How Brands and Advertisers Can Take a Stand for Sonic Diversity

Although sonic racism can’t be seen, it can be heard. The term refers to barriers that reward white voices and marginalize voices of color—all of which impact marketing and messaging. Crossing these sonic color lines requires us to retrain the way we listen, diversify the audio industry, and change the creative choices we're making. Hear all about it in this thought-provoking discussion.  

Key topics covered:

  • The history of the “sonic color line” and how stereotypes have been perpetuated  through the years

  • Results from a first-of-its-kind study, which looks at ad favorability & effectiveness when it comes to how listeners perceive the voices of various voice actors

  • Steps brands and advertisers can take toward inclusivity—that go beyond casting Black voices

Our speakers:

Nikki Buchanan, Multicultural Director, SXM Media

Steve Keller, Sonic Strategy Director, Studio Resonate, SXM Media


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