January Podcast Roundup: Back to Business

January is here. With a fresh slate ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to tune into and advertise on business podcasts. Listeners of this genre are more likely to be ambitious, high-earning professionals with disposable income. They tune in to podcasts to better themselves and are highly engaged in the content. They choose hosts they trust and admire and see the value of the products and services they advertise.

So whether you’re kicking off the year planning your advertising buys or just looking for some business advice, consider these stand-out podcasts!


$100 MBA Show helps listeners get better at business with daily 10-minute lessons for the real world. These no-fluff episodes are packed with the pure business-building training from top industry experts. No backstories, just solid lessons from the best in the game, like how much you should spend on professional development, how to use OpenAi to help your business, and how to overcome frustration. The show draws a 45% multicultural audience, which is highly diverse compared to the overall business podcast audience. What’s more, nearly half of these listeners identify as entrepreneurs. 

Ed Mylett prides himself on highlighting the greatest peak performers across all industries to share their journey, knowledge, and thought leadership. He has amassed 2.5M Instagram followers who tune into the podcast, buy his bestselling books, and take his advice personally. With guests in almost every industry, including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, listeners to

The Ed Mylett Show will find motivation, inspiration, and practical steps to become the best version of themselves! 

Work Appropriate trailer

In the new Crooked Media podcast,

Work Appropriate, host and author Anne Helen Petersen takes questions from a handful of listeners and talks through solutions alongside a guest from Anne’s deep bench of workplace and work-life experts. From hyper-meeting culture, to on-camera Zoom enforcement, to creating guardrails to keep work from infiltrating into, well, everything, Work Appropriate addresses all your work questions (and some you haven't even thought of). This show is unique to other business podcasts, focusing on entrepreneurship and inspiration. As such, it is likely to attract a younger and more female-skewing audience (many of whom may already be loyal Crooked Media listeners).

Get a front-row seat and hear directly from the visionary executives, innovators, leaders, and influencers taking the stage at CNBC’s live events series, including Evolve, @Work, and more. Hear the best soundbites from the fireside chats, keynote talks, and panels.

The Keynote adds behind-the-scenes commentary from the moderators and interviewers who were present, as well as from other CNBC reporters close to the action. Our exclusive partnership with NBC provides a variety of business podcasts focused on finance trends, business news, and motivation to help you reach an affluent, highly-educated audience of Gen X listeners.

The James Altucher preview

You won't hear these stories anywhere else—not like this.

The James Altucher Show invites you into exclusive interviews with successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, bestselling authors, astronauts, rappers, writers, and researchers. The audience is 72% male, and 30% earn more than 150K per year. James unravels your favorite “superhero" success stories to answer questions like, “When were you at your worst?” and “How did you get better?” You’ll learn how you, too, can make a better life, one that fulfills you, makes you wealthy, and allows you to choose yourself.

People I (Mostly) Admire trailer

Steven Levitt, the iconoclastic University of Chicago economist and co-author of the Freakonomics book series, tracks down other high-achievers and poses questions that only he would think to ask. Guests include all-time Jeopardy! champion, Ken Jennings; Harvard psychologist and linguist, Steven Pinker; and top literary agent, Suzanne Gluck. We consistently see the Freakonomics podcasts draw in a highly educated audience with 87% holding a bachelor's degree or higher. Not to mention, over half of these listeners purchase investment products such as stocks and bonds. And we think this audience will listen to

People I (Mostly) Admire.

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