Pandora’s Best-in-Class Programmatic Marketplace

John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer

Earlier this year, I announced to our advertising partners that Pandora was launching an audio beta allowing our premium audio inventory to be available to the programmatic marketplace.

Opening up Pandora's audio inventory within automated buying channels is something we have been committed to in an effort to scale the total digital audio marketplace and create greater buyer demand.

Today, we are excited to announce that our private audio marketplace is out of beta and available to buyers looking to transact programmatically.

Throughout the beta period, we stayed laser-focused on ensuring that the programmatic audio offering that Pandora brought to the marketplace was one that can create immediate scale for our advertising partners. This offering is unmatched anywhere else.

Pandora’s Programmatic Audio Offering

With Pandora’s market leadership in digital audio, it is our commitment to create the highest quality programmatic marketplace for digital advertisers to buy Pandora’s premium audio inventory.

Our new programmatic offering enables our advertising partners to reach an addressable audience at scale, while targeting those who matter most through the passion point of music.

Why you should consider leveraging our audio programmatic marketplace:

  • Reach the largest set of ad-supported streaming audio listeners in the U.S.
  • Reach the right audience using personalized targeting
  • Access the first scalable audio programmatic offering within a brand-safe, quality environment

Through private marketplaces, Pandora’s audio inventory joins video and display for programmatic buyers to take advantage of Pandora’s full suite of premium advertising formats.

To learn more about Pandora’s holistic private marketplace offerings, download our Programmatic Buying Guide here.

John Trimble is the Chief Revenue Officer of Pandora. Trimble is responsible for all advertising revenue, strategic sales marketing, and advertising operations. Pandora’s diverse revenue streams tap display, mobile and audio that reach 75M monthly active listeners across 2,000+ connected devices and 200+ car models. Reach him @JTrimbleNY.