The Right Music to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2017

Did you know that September 15 marked the official start of National Hispanic Heritage Month? This 30-day celebration spans September and October and was scheduled to coincide with the independence days of nine Latin American countries, including Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Enacted into law in 1988, Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the many contributions that generations of Hispanic-Americans have made to U.S. society. It is celebrated with food, festivals, educational events and--most importantly--music.

Latin music has a long history playing an important role in Hispanic culture. With strong foundations in dance, it also tends to be quite contagious across both genres and cultures. We’ve all seen how popular Justin Bieber’s “Despacito” became this summer, and how popular artists like Shakira and Marc Anthony have found success in Latin America and the U.S. On Pandora, Latin music ranks #1 for time spent listening, with each listener spending an average of 11 hours, 3 minutes every month tuned-in to Latin music.

To honor this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we tapped into Pandora’s Latin music expertise to highlight the pioneers, legends, icons and hitmakers that have made Latin music such an important part of the music ecosystem. Learn more here:

[slideshare id=80429854&doc=hispanicheritagemonthslidesharefinal-171003225037]

Reaching Hispanic-Americans with your brand message is increasingly important since they make up the largest multicultural group in this country. If there’s one tactic that stands above the rest to do this, it’s incorporating familiar cultural nuances into your ad creative--and a big part of that is language.

To help marketers answer the all-too-common question of whether they should advertise to Hispanics in Spanish or English, we conducted a robust user study among our own bilingual listeners. We tested several ad variations with varying degrees of language and cultural cues. You can see what we learned by downloading the full report: “Language Decoded: What Bilingual Audiences Expect in Advertising.