What Does the Future of Creativity Sound Like?

June is upon us, and as the most innovative, successful creatives in the world pack their bags to head to Southern France to celebrate the best in advertising, we have to ask ourselves—what is the recipe for an award-winning campaign?

Think back to some of your favorite ads. What made them so unforgettable? What about them stuck out in your memory? While there are many ingredients to greatness, there is one in particular that continues to be the backbone of every celebrated campaign—and that's audio.

We’re putting a spotlight on the sounds, music, and audio creative strategies that are behind every great creative campaign. What do marketers and creatives need to consider as consumers move more and more towards audio-first behaviors? How can we bring audio to the forefront in creatives' minds as an integral part of the storytelling strategy?

But most importantly...

What Does the Future of Creativity Sound Like? To help us answer, we turned to some of the most renowned creative experts and innovators in the industry, including some Cannes Lions Jury members. #SoundOn to listen in below.

Interviews from Cannes