May 14, 2020
Episode 21
Episode 21: The Lost Art of Listening, A Conversation with Julian Treasure
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Most organizations are terrible at listening. To employees, to consumers, and to the public at large. And in a time of crisis, you would think it’s the ideal time to take a step back, assess your message, and be a bit more thoughtful about what you’re putting out into the world as a brand. But based on the amount of overly sentimental ads and “we care about you” emails, it’s not happening as much as it should.

In this episode, we sat down with Julian Treasure, an expert in both sound and listening, to discuss his perspective on today’s soundscape. We explore:

  • The sounds of COVID-19
  • Listening as a skill and how to improve
  • The biggest mistakes in organizational listening
  • Why you drink faster at loud bars
  • Sound as a silent killer

To learn more about Julian Treasure and his secrets on how to become a better speaker and listener, visit his site and sign up for his courses here.

Executive Producer: Jocelyn Hudak Host: Steve Keller