L.A.’s Koreatown neighborhood was shocked by the 2003 execution-style slaying of a mother, her 2-year-old son, and their nanny. For 5 years questions surrounding the brutal crime swirled. Was it a crime of passion? Financial opportunism? A professional hit by assassins from South Korea? No one knew the answer. Fast forward to years later when out of the blue LAPD detectives arrest and charge a mild-mannered neighbor with the crime. The suspect has a checkered past, but he never fit anyone’s description of what they imagined the stone cold killer would be. Was justice served in this case? Or was it somehow lost in translation? STRANGELAND is a new series from audiochuck and that reexamines cases in immigrant neighborhoods. Hosted by investigative journalist Ben Adair and world-renowned interpreter Sharon Choi, Season One’s investigation goes where the police in California couldn’t and uncovers new evidence that may change the course of a case that stunned K-town.


Ben Adair
Sharon Choi